At Averton, we are committed to our audiences. A home is much more than bricks and sticks. We believe that a home is safety, comfort and security. A home is the place where we become the people we want to be and build the lives that we have always imagined.

Every house that Averton builds is rooted in a strong foundation. Mixed in with our concrete are the values that drive us as a family to build the best we can: integrity, professionalism, and personal service. We know that if we get our part right, it’s going to help families across Canada to build a better life.

Averton builds communities and homes where people can live happy and fulfilling lives. We present solutions that meet the needs of everyone involved along the way.

As a market leader in both Eastern and Western Canada, Averton invests time and resources at every stage of development. Everything we do is a considered process, and everything revolves around you, our customer. This means we use quality materials, proven construction techniques, and innovative technology. We are an industry leader thanks to our principles of design and innovation in everything we do.

Past Projects. Printing Factory, Toronto. Victoria Highlands, Mt. Albert. Averton Common, Kleinburg